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International Real Estate (Global Real Estate), © Copyright by Dr. Mark Lee Levine, Denver, Colorado, 2007. All rights reserved.

internationa real estate (2007 edition)This valuable international text presents important real estate date in an easy-to-comparative template format for each county. The book is intended to help readers in the decision-making process of whether or not to transact business in various countries. The data contained in the book is especially helpful for general analysis, brokerage, consulting, financing, investing, development, construction, property management, government use, taxes, and other real estate-related activities.

The text includes maps, charts, and graphs for each country and provides:

1) An overview of each country’s geographic size, population, demographic, financial gross domestic product (GDP), etc.;

2) Focus in key real-estate issues as contained in the Real Property Issues and the Real Estate Trends sections of each coutry;

3) Relevant factors that can impact real estate positions, such as cultural and political issues; and

4) Helpful tools, practice case studies, international links, and similar materials to aid in the examination of real estate issues.

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